Saturday, November 1, 2008

v7.70.0018 - 2008-11-01 17:15

  • + SC report(): Now, the field {Dir ...} may contain other fields (but not contain itself). For example, in
      ::text report("{Name} - {Dir -{Size B} ({Size FLEX})}");
    the {Dir ...} field will return:
      - for directories: -
      - for files:       {Size B} ({Size FLEX}) [resolved, of course]
      - for drives:      [nothing]
  • ! SC report(): Field {Fullname} was buggy with search results. Fixed.
  • ! SC report(): Field {Path} returned paths slashed. Fixed: For easier handling all paths in scripts are returned unslashed.
  • + Various list controls: Now there's a little right-click menu which allows you to copy the currently selected list item or all items (one per line, each line ends with CRLF (0x0d0a)).
  • + CKS Miscellaneous Tab Functions: Added command "Open Previous Tab". Opens the previously used tab.
  • ! FVS: Fixed a glitch where the auto-default was used when it should not.
  • ! Type-ahead find: Didn't take into account the time used to jump to a temporary new list position, which could lead XY to interpret the following keystroke as the beginning of a new word. Fixed.