Tuesday, November 4, 2008

v7.70.0021 - 2008-11-04 10:34

  • * SC load: Now you can pass "*" as labels to show all (hidden and visible) scripts in the resource. Example:
      ::load "test.xys", "*";
  • + Now you can opt to hide extensions from the filenames in the List. It's currently done as a tweak:
    Note that it's not recommended to hide extensions! Showing the filenames without extension is hiding super-important info from its natural place.
  • + Find Files: Now RegExp Search supports Boolean logic. v7.70.0020 allowed you to do this:
      :>.*test.* AND NOT >.*not.*test.*
    Now you can do the same search also like this (when mode "RegExp" is enabled in Find Files tab):
      ".*test.*" AND NOT ".*not.*test.*"
    Or like this (overwriting the mode setting in Find Files):
      >".*test.*" AND NOT ".*not.*test.*"
    The quotes make the difference here: If there's a double-quote anywhere in the expression it is interpreted as a Boolean RegExp. Note that, contrary to the first syntax, all patterns MUST be RegExp (resp. are interpreted as RegExp) with the second syntax -- you cannot mix RegExp with wildcard patterns. You do not have to quote all combined patterns, but it is recommended.
  • ! History per Tab: Fixed some glitches with locked tabs.
  • ! Scripting: Menu separators in script resources were hidden if they followed a hidden script. Fixed.