Monday, November 24, 2008

v7.80.0025 - 2008-11-24 21:23

  • + SC loadtree enhanced by new "add" parameter.
    Syntax: loadtree pathlist, [add]
      pathlist: list of paths separated by (pipe)
                the current tree folder is set to the first path
      [add]:    0: [default] fresh tree
                1: add paths to current tree
    Remark: With add = 1 and the current tree still non-Mini, loadtree
    will convert the tree to a Mini Tree without losing any of its
    present folders. Interesting option! You can even convert it to
    Mini without adding anything by this line:
      ::loadtree , 1;
  • + SC getinfo got a new named argument "tree".
    Syntax: getinfo("tree", [delimiter = ""])
      [delimiter]: String to place between paths.
                   Defaults to "".
      return:      List of paths present in the current tree.
                   The current path is the first in the list.
      Mainly useful for creating the pathlist argument for the
      loadtree command.
      ::echo getinfo("tree");
      ::text getinfo("tree", <crlf>); //one path per line