Monday, November 17, 2008

v7.80.0008 - 2008-11-17 12:42

Publication of this update was unfortunately skipped due to complex editing required. Doing now for documentation purposes. Sorry about that!

  • + Scripting got a new function.
      Name:   URLEncode
      Action: URL-encodes string.
      Syntax: urlencode(string, raw=0)
          0: URL-encode according to RFC 1738, except space => +
          1: URL-encode according to RFC 1738 (space => %20)
        ::echo urlencode("ä ö ü"); //%E4%20%F6%20%FC
        ::echo urlencode("ä ö ü", 1); //%E4+%F6+%FC
      POM Example:
        |"Search IMDB for '<curbase>'" *> _
          ::$a=URLEncode("<curbase>"); _
        // Mad Max => Mad+Max
  • + Scripting got a new function.
      Name:   URLDecode
      Action: Decodes URL-encoded string.
      Syntax: urldecode(string, raw=0)
          0: URL-decode according to RFC 1738, except + => space
             But it also converts %20 => space
          1: URL-decode according to RFC 1738 (%20 => space)
             It will NOT convert + => space
        ::echo urldecode("%E4%20%F6%20%FC"); //ä ö ü
        ::echo urldecode("%E4%20%F6%20%FC, 1"); //ä ö ü !
        ::echo urldecode("%E4+%F6+%FC"); //ä ö ü
        ::echo urldecode("%E4+%F6+%FC", 1); //ä+ö+ü !!!
  • + Scripting got a new function.
      Name:   md5
      Action: Calculate the md5 hash of a string.
      Syntax: md5(string)
        ::echo md5(""); //d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e
  • + Scripting: Now the captions of scripts in multi-script resources may contain XY variables. They are resolved in the moment the menu is popped up. For example, paste this into the Try Script box:
      "Go to <xypath>"
        goto <xypath>;
      "Is it <date hh:nn:ss>?"
        msg "It's <date hh:nn:ss>!";
    The 2nd script will show two different times if you wait longer than a second before you click the menu item.