Saturday, November 29, 2008

v7.80.0031 - 2008-11-29 17:00

  • + SC loadtree: Enhanced the "add" parameter, now called "modify".
      Syntax: loadtree pathlist, [modify=0]
        pathlist: list of paths separated by (pipe)
                  if modify = 0 then the current tree folder is set to
                  the first path
        [modify]: 0: [default] fresh tree from scratch
                  1: add paths to current tree
                  2: hide paths from current tree
        ::loadtree "E:F:", 2; //hide drives E: and F:
  • + Configuration | Interface Colors | Tree: Added a color field for Locked Tree.
  • % Tree and List: Increased snappiness of painting.
  • ! Mini Tree: Fixed a couple of glitches concerning Auto-Refresh. Generally, no folders should be automatically added to the Mini Tree via an Auto-Refresh. OTOH, you'd expect to see the folders created through drag-n-drop when the target parent folders are expanded. Also, rename operations should be reflected in the Mini Tree. Tricky stuff, but I'm getting there...
  • ! Mini Tree: With "Flat plus-minus icons" enabled the plus-minus icons did not show the expected white on blue coloring. Fixed.