Tuesday, November 25, 2008

v7.80.0026 - 2008-11-25 21:47

  • * SC "new" enhanced. The syntax is unchanged but there are some new options and behaviors.
    Syntax: new name, [type=filedir], [source], [r]
    - Now you can pass a full path/name in the "name" argument. If no
      path is passed, the current path is taken as default.
    - If the target folder does not exist it is created on the fly.
    - The "last target" path (used by Ctrl+Alt+F7) is set to the
      target folder.
    - Not new but just as a reminder: The "new" command will never
      overwrite an existing file of the same name, but automatically
      append a number suffix to the name of the newly created file.
    - // creates new empty file "Kabul.txt" in folder "E:\Afgh\"
      ::new "E:\Afgh\Kabul.txt"
    - // creates new path "E:\Afgh\Kabul\EastEnd\"
      ::new "E:\Afgh\Kabul\EastEnd\", "dir"
    - // copies "C:\Temp\Kabul.png" to "E:\Afgh\Kabul-copy.png"
      ::new "E:\Afgh\Kabul-copy.png", , "C:\Temp\Kabul.png"
    - // copies the current item to "E:\Afgh\", suffixed with "-copy"
      ::new "E:\Afgh\<curbase>-copy.<curext>", , <curitem>
  • * UDC | New. The above enhancements also apply to the UDC New.
  • ! SC rename: When renaming a file outside of the current path (using the "source" argument), a same-named file in the current path was shown as renamed in the list (although it correctly was not renamed). Fixed.