Saturday, November 22, 2008

v7.80.0020 - 2008-11-22 17:40

  • +++ Name Search (aka Quick Search): Now multiple locations are supported! They have to be separated by ";" (NOT "" because this would be confused with a Visual Filter). E.g., you may paste a line like this into the Address Bar:
    The three folders E:\XY\, C:\Temp\, and D:\Backup\ will be searched for GIF files.
    - The ";" may be surrounded by any number of blanks. Built-in
      smartness will recognize a ";" that's not a separator but part
      of a folder name.
    - Multi-Location Name Searches are remembered in tabs and across
    - As always with Name Searches, the settings in the Find Tab are
      not touched.
  • * Scripting: Injected some artificial intelligence into the parser.
    Things like the following now work as expected:
      ::echo <date w> + <date w>;
      ::echo <date w> + <date w> + <date w>;
      ::echo <date w> - 1;
      ::echo 1 + <date w>;
      ::echo 1 + <date w> - 1;
      ::echo (2==3) ? <date yyyy> : <date yyyy> + 1;
  • * Mini Tree: Now the plus/minus icons in the Tree will look different when Mini Tree is active. Feedback.
  • + Toolbar | Mini Tree: The button got a context menu with some related commands. There's also a 2nd instance of "Auto-Optimize Tree" which is also available in Configuration | General.
  • ! Catalog could be fooled into thinking it got the focus while it had not, resulting in various weird effects like showing message "Pasting items here is not allowed." in the wrong contexts. Fixed.
  • ! Focus cycling between the main controls using F6 was a bit buggy since a while. It only worked as expected when all four controls were visible. Fixed.