Friday, November 28, 2008

v7.80.0030 - 2008-11-28 20:41

  • + Scripting got a new function.
      Name: Input
      Action: Returns user input.
      Syntax: input(topic, [notes], [default], [style=s])
        topic:     topic line, printed in bold on white
        [notes]:   text, can be multiline, printed on grey
                   only used with style "s" (singleline)!
        [default]: default value
        [style]:   s|m|w = singleline[default]multilinewrapped
        return:    user input
        ::$a = input("Enter Query", _
          "Codes:<crlf>h=XYwiki<crlf>x=XYforum", "Mini Tree");
        ::$a = input("Enter Script",,'echo "Hi!"', "m"); load $a,,"s";
      Note: The same-named statement "input" is still available but
  • * Scripting Step Dialog: Now "Copy Command (Parsed and Resolved)" will copy the actual data, not the version tuned for display (where non-printable chars are replaced by pilcrows or middots). Arguments are separated by CRLF----CRLF (CRLF = 0x1310).
  • * Scripting | Step Dialog: Added command "Copy Variables" to the context menu. It will copy the unaltered variables "as is" to the clipboard, in the following sample layout:
      $a =
      $b =
  • * Menu View | Lock Tree: Now, the locked tree never scrolls (whether MiniTree or not), but always selects the current folder if it is present in the tree.
  • * SC loadtree: Now, if parameter add = 1, the current folder is NOT set to the first path in the list but stays where it is.
  • ! Mini Tree: Couple of glitches fixed. Among others the following:
    - On a Mini Tree, pressing F4 (Refresh Tree) will show you the
      reality for your current tree while keeping it in "Mini" mode:
      All expanded nodes will be filled with their really existing
      child nodes.
    - On a Mini Tree, when the current node is MyComputer, then
      pressing Shift+F4 (Refresh Current Folder) will reset the Tree and
      list all child folders of MyComputer in collapsed state while
      keeping the tree in "Mini" mode.
  • * Script syntax: Before had to insert a blank after the command when the first argument was missing:
      ::loadtree , 1;
    Now you can do this:
      ::loadtree, 1;
  • * Toolbar | Mini Tree: Added the following commands to the context menu.
    - "Convert to Mini Tree"
      Converts the current Maxi Tree to a Mini Tree, but does not
      minimize the tree (which is what command/toggle "Mini Tree"
      does) but just sets it to "mini mode": From now on only used
      paths are added to the tree.
    - "Load Last Mini Tree"
      Loads the last Mini Tree before the Tree was converted to Maxi.
      Useful when you quickly turn on Maxi Tree for a task and then
      want to go back to the previous Mini state.
      If the current session did not have a Mini Tree yet, the last
      INI-stored Mini Tree is loaded.
    - "Hide Current Folder"
      Hides the current folder from the Mini Tree (not from your hard
      disk). Since there must be a selection the parent folder is
  • * Mini Tree: Now, the Mini Tree that's saved across sessions is limited by number of chars (namely 1023) rather than number of paths (was 32). This limit is caused by the current max size for INI keys which is 1023 chars.
  • * Tree: v5.60.0001 (2007-01-28 21:04) added: Hold SHIFT key when clicking plus/minus icons to "Fully Expand" and "Fully Collapse". This is now changed to "Hold CTRL key..." to avoid creating a new tab (due to held SHIFT) when the location changes because the current one is now inside a collapsed folder.