Sunday, November 16, 2008

v7.80.0007 - 2008-11-16 15:13

  • + POM: Now the captions may contain XY variables. They are resolved in the moment the POM is generated. For example:
      "Search IMDB for '<curbase>'" *>::Open(" _
    Will show the caption "Search IMDB for 'Mad Max'" when the current file is "Mad Max.jpg".
    (Note that the line continuation using [space]_ as applied in the example above does not work in XY -- it's just done here for the change log!)
  • * SC delete: Now, any non-existing items passed in the [itemlist] argument will be simply ignored. No more error message.
  • ! Menu Go | History...: Error message when OK-ing the list without selecting an item. Fixed. Also, now the current history item is always preselected when opening the list.
  • ! Wrong icons in various List Management dialogs since v7.80.0006. Fixed.