Sunday, January 6, 2008

v6.80.0005 - 2008-01-06 10:28

  • +++ Here is Scripting! Scripting is a long way to go, but today we take the first step and it already takes us into a powerful position: Now, you can call commands by their internal number, their ID!!!
    The syntax is like this:
    The first part, ::, is the general script marker. The second part, #, is the keyword for calling commands by number. The third part, [ID], is the number.
    For example:
    will call command number 571, which happens to be the command added in the paragraph here below (go to the Temporary Internet Files folder).
    These commands are internally treated as locations! So, simply paste ::#571 into the Address Bar (Catalog, Favorites, etc.) and "go to it".
    Now, how to find out the command IDs? Very easy: they are now displayed in the CKS dialog (which contains all commands available), above the Description box.
    What's so great about this? Well, for example, now you can have your UDCs in the Catalog and trigger them from there!
  • + Menu Favorites Special System Folders: added command "Temporary Internet Files" (or whatever this folder is called on your system/language).
  • + Now, "MyComputer", "Desktop", and "MyDocuments" (or whatever they are called on your system/language) can be passed as command line parameters to control the startup path.
      XYplorer.exe "MyComputer" = open XYplorer at drives listing
      XYplorer MyComputer = (same)
      XYplorer Desktop = open XYplorer at Desktop folder
  • ! List: Display of thumbnails was not always correctly adjusted on on-the-fly changes of views or thumbnail dimensions. Fixed.