Tuesday, January 22, 2008

v6.80.0031 - 2008-01-22 11:59

  • + Scripting got new commands:

    - MoveTo
      Syntax: moveto [location]
      Examples (use Go To dialog to test!):
         ::moveto D:\Archives\<dyyyy-mm-dd>

    - CopyTo
      Syntax: copyto [location]
      Examples (use Go To dialog to test!):
         ::copyto D:\Archives\<dyyyy-mm-dd>

    - BackupTo
      Syntax: backupto [location]
      Examples (use Go To dialog to test!):
         ::backupto D:\Archives\<dyyyy-mm-dd>

    - Rename
      Syntax: rename bat|re|sr|kc|ext, [pattern], |p
      - bat|re|sr|kc|ext =
      - |p = no preview|preview
        (simply omit the argument to skip preview)
         ::rename bat, *-<myyyymmdd>, p
         ::rename bat, *-<myyyymmdd>
         ::rename , *-<myyyymmdd>
         ::rename re, \.html$>.htm, p
         ::rename sr, ü/ue
         ::rename kc, 0123456789, p
         ::rename ext, htm
    Note that the third example is a batch rename since "bat" is the first (=default) value for this option field.
  • * Scripting: when processing scripts stepwise, you now are presented a preparsed version of your script in the form:
      Command Name
    Helps you to immediately see if the parsing went alright.
  • + Scripting command "Goto". Addendum: while XYplorer accepts scripts in all places where a location to go to is expected (Address Bar, Catalog, Favorites, Goto UDC, etc...) the "Goto" scripting command is, of course, an exception! This will NOT work
      ::goto ::#222
    and is totally superfluous anyway because if it would work it would be identical to
  • + Free Keyboard Shortcuts dialog: Added keyboard support. You press your desired key (incl. Ctrl, Shift, Alt combos) and if it is in the list, it will be focused. Otherwise, if at least your key (without Ctrl, Shift, Alt) exists, its first occurrence will be focused. The Enter, ESC, and cursor keys are excluded from this service to keep the dialog efficiently usable for keyboarders.
  • + Info Panel Properties: Type and Location now support UNICODE.