Thursday, January 10, 2008

v6.80.0010 - 2008-01-10 21:12

  • !!! UDC: The command IDs were not stable after you deleted a UDC, closed, and restarted the app. It was some stupid "optimization" in writing udc.dat that made the IDs shift downwards into the holes resulting from the deletion(s) instead of staying fixed. This bug could get nasty only when you had keyboard shortcuts assigned to UDCs (or recently with scripts calling commands by ID). In the worst case a keyboard shortcut would trigger a UDC function that you would not like be triggered in that moment. Fixed.
  • ! There were ways to crash the app by passing invalid command IDs via a script. Fixed.
  • * WOW64 File System Redirection: Changed the command caption from "Wow64 Redirection (64-bit)" to "WOW64 Redirection (64-bit only)". Also reversed the logic in marking the state of affairs in the titel bar. Before, if Redirection was disabled you got a "- [64]" appended to the window title. Now, if Redirection is *enabled* you get a " - [WOW64]" appended to the window title.