Thursday, January 31, 2008

v6.80.0053 - 2008-01-31 18:16

  • * Scripting command enhanced:
      - LoadScriptFile
        News: Now, you can reference the scripts to execute
              directly from file by an ID (your free choice),
              not just by its position.
        Syntax: loadscriptfile scriptfile, [script to run]
          - script to run: optional, will directly run the
            script identified by this argument.
            If the argument start with #, the script is
            identified by its position.
            Else the script is identified by an ID which is
            defined in the script file.
            See next paragraph for how to define this ID.
          ::loadscriptfile testscripts.txt, #1
            = run the 1st script found in testscripts.txt
          ::loadscriptfile testscripts.txt, demo
            = run the (first) "demo" script in testscripts.txt

  • * Script Files syntax. Now, the script caption can contain a 2nd optional field for an ID (anything goes) that you can assign to the script. The separator is " : " (comma would be unpractical because it might be used in captions).
    If no ID is defined the ID defaults to the caption itself.
    If no caption is defined then there is no ID for this script.
    New general syntax:
      [Caption [ : ID]]::command::command::command [...]
      [Caption [ : ID]]::command::command::command [...]
    For example:
    - Paste this script to a file scripts.xys in app path:
    Copy the newest file from Desktop : copynew
      ::set $path, <curpath>
      ::goto Desktop|
      ::sortby m, d
      ::selpos 1
      // foc list
      // copy
      ::goto $path
    - Each of these scripts will execute it:
      ::loadscriptfile scripts, #1
      ::loadscriptfile scripts, copynew

  • ! Fixed some glitches conc. scripting.