Monday, January 7, 2008

v6.80.0006 - 2008-01-07 11:05

  • +++ Scripting, part 2: You can concatenate any number of command IDs!
    General syntax:
      ::#[ID]::#[ID]::#[ID]::#[ID] ... etc.
    For example:
      - Go to the Temporary Internet Files folder
      - Select All
      - Delete (Skip Locked)
    !!! However, here comes a serious WARNING!!! Scripting is an advanced hardcore feature, and the above example is a good one to show you why. If the Temp folder cannot be shown (e.g., because you opted to not show hidden items), then the script will happily go on with the next commands (select all and delete) IN THE FOLDER YOU END UP IN *instead* of the Temp folder! So, do not expect any smart checking here, scripting (at least this calling commands by ID) is as if you press a serious of buttons without looking. It's a stupid robot pressing buttons! Take care...
    Another thing to watch is recursion: If you create a "Go to"-UDC that calls itself, then don't blame me! :)
  • * Configuration dialog: Heavily re-arranged the first two sections. Spare me a detailed explanation, but I'm sure it is better now than before.
  • * Configuration | Advanced: Added option "Enable scripting".
    Scripting is potentially dangerous since you could you inadvertently enter "::#[ID of nuke command]" into the Address Bar and then wonder where your files are gone. So as a security measurement I force you to actively enable scripting.
  • * CKS dialog: Renamed button "Free Shortcuts..." to "All Free Shortcuts..." because the former caption was ambiguous and could be read as "Free All Shortcuts!".
  • * Copy/Move Here To New Subfolder: Now, the new folder is auto-selected if it is contained in the current file list. Before, all selections had been removed.
  • ! You could not select a file in the list by clicking on the icon left of the file name when "Details with Thumbnails" View was active. Fixed.