Sunday, January 27, 2008

v6.80.0043 - 2008-01-27 15:16

  • + Copy/Move Here To New Subfolder: Now supports "/" as alternative folder separator.
  • * Configuration | Tabs: renamed "Max number of tabs (0 for unlimited)" to "Maximum number of tabs (0 = unlimited)" and fixed a little bug when trying to open a new tab beyond the limit: Now you get a message that the limit is reached.
  • ! Free Keyboard Shortcuts dialog: The key "#" did not jump to the correct line in the list. Fixed.
  • ! Fixed some other glitches with box-colored list.
  • * In a box-colored list, the color of the sorted column is now determined automatically. Looks better.
  • + Scripting: Now you can force stepping (prompting) per command. Simply prefix a ? to the command. For example, the following script will goto Desktop (and remove any Visual Filters), and then prompt you before executing the sortby command:
      ::goto Desktop|::?sortby m, d
    Works as well with ID-based scripts:
  • * UDC dialog: Now, the obligatory fields are marked by a bold label.
  • * Favorite Folders/Files: removed the auto-sorting of those lists. Now *you* determine the order of your favorites! Much better, ain't it? You also can add separators to the menu by inserting "-" items.