Thursday, January 17, 2008

v6.80.0027 - 2008-01-17 11:25

  • * Changed handling of UNICODE strings in the INI file. Might solve a related problem under some Windows locales.
  • * CKS dialog | menu captions: replaced " » " by ", " (as symbol for the TAB character) because upper ASCII characters are not correctly displayed in all Windows locales.
  • * Now, each finding (Search results) tab stores and remembers the path it was pointing to before it was turned into a finding tab (i.e. the current path in the moment you press F3). Now, when you Refresh (F5) an unlocked finding tab, this stored path will be used as current path when the tab returns to browsing mode.
    Note that this change will be rarely notable when "Synchronize tree with search location" (Config/General) is OFF. The differences will surface, however, when the search location was entered via the location combo (and differed from the current path at that moment). The "Synchronize..." setting will point the tree to the search location (or the *first* location in case of a multi-location search), whereas F5 will point the tree to the current path at the moment of the search.
    I admit this is a bit confusing... it might be better to always use the (first) search location and forget about the old current path at all... time will show...
  • * Now, the default in MRU-based auto-completion of drop-downs is "MatchAnywhere", before it was "MatchFromBeginning". Accordingly I reversed the logic/semantic of the INI Tweak:
  • + New INI Tweak. In the INI you'll find a new key:
    Set it to 1 to only count a match from the beginning (left end) of the recently used strings. Else matching is counted anywhere in the string.
  • ! Could crash when pressing F5 on a search results tab while the mouse hovered the path column header. Fixed.