Thursday, January 10, 2008

v6.80.0007 - 2008-01-10 11:24

  • + Scripting: Added a way to step through a script command by command, with an option to step out at each point. It's very easy to do: Simply add the new script keyword "step" to your script, and all following script commands will be presented stepwise. To disable the stepping mode at any time in your script you can use the new script keyword "unstep".
    For example, the script
    will present you the following 3 commands step by step:
      Go | Go to Application Folder
      Miscellaneous | Focus Functions | Focus Tree
      Edit | Backup To...
    The script
    would present you only the following 2 commands:
      Go | Go to Application Folder
      Miscellaneous | Focus Functions | Focus Tree
  • + Scripting: Now you can terminate a running script by pressing ESC. The next to follow functions will not be executed anymore.
  • + Menu View | Show Items: Added command "Wow64 Redirection (64-bit)". It replaces the following command, respectively makes it more visible:
      - CKS | Miscellaneous | 64-bit | Toggle Wow64 File System
    Redirection, which allows you to disable/re-enable Wow64 File Redirection on 64-bit Windows. The command is enabled only on 64-bit platforms.
  • * Copy/Move Here with Suffix Number: Now, a number is *always* suffixed, even if there is no collision, in which case the suffixed number is "-01" (or whatever format you configured suffixed numbers to). Before, the filename was not altered when there was no collision in the target path.