Thursday, January 31, 2008

v6.80.0052 - 2008-01-31 10:26

  • * Scripting commands enhanced:
      - SelPos
        New Syntax: selpos ["+"|"-"]position|"a"|"i"|"f", [count=1]
          count: number of items to select, starting with position
                 if missing defaults to 1
                 if position is a, i, or f, count is ignored
      New Examples:
        ::selpos 1, 3
          = select 3 items starting with pos 1
        ::selpos +3, 3
          = select next 3 items

      - Set
        Now allows having the argument separator (by default a comma
         + blank) in the value. This gives you an easier way to
         supply arguments containing the argument separator without
         having to reset it using the "sep" command.
        New Examples:
          ::set ;, ,::copytext a; a
            = sets ";" to "," and copies "a, a" to the clipboard
          ::set well, well, well, well::copytext well
            = sets "well" to "well, well, well" and copies
             "well, well, well" to the clipboard

      - LoadScriptFile
        Action: Load a file with scripts and pop up a menu made from
          those scripts, or execute one of the scripts in the file
        Syntax: loadscriptfile scriptfile, [# script to run]
        - scriptfile: required, can be relative to app path.
          If the given file is not found then XY will look for
          "file.xys", so if you call your script files *.xys
          you can skip adding the extension in the loadscriptfile
          - # script to run: optional, will directly run the script
            of that number (first script = 1) without popping a menu.
            If no script of that number exists, the menu is popped.
            Note that separators and other non-script items do NOT
             count, so script #2 is the 2nd script, not necessarily
             the 2nd menu item.
        ::loadscriptfile RegExp-Both
          = loads RegExp-Both.xys if it exists and RegExp-Both doesn't.
        ::loadscriptfile testscripts.txt
          = popup a menu based on testscripts.txt
        ::loadscriptfile testscripts.txt, 2
          = run the 2nd script found in testscripts.txt
  • * SC (Scripting Command) "set": now, any general XY variables found in the value are resolved.
    Resolved variables:
      <d...>     (current date)
      <m....>    (modified date of current list item)
      <curext>   (of current list item)
      <curbase>  (of current list item)
      <curtitle> (of current list item)
      <curver>   (of current list item)
      ::set $path, <curpath>::copytext $path
        = copies the current path to the clipboard
      ::set $x, <dyyyy-mm-dd>::copytext $x
        = copies the current date to the clipboard
      ::set $x, <ddddd>::copytext $x
        = copies the current weekday to the clipboard
  • * Script files: now, there is NO blank inserted between appended lines. Solves a problem, and gives you more control.