Saturday, January 26, 2008

v6.80.0042 - 2008-01-26 12:24

  • + Menu File | Settings | Load Configuration...: Now can can load a configuration file (*.ini) from anywhere (not just from application path as it has been before)! However, to keep things in one place, a copy of that file will be auto-created in the application path (no overwriting will happen), and that copy will be used as the new configuration file.
  • * UDC dialog: The "Tips..." interface now allows you to copy selected parts of the information.
  • + UDC New: If a source is defined then the following variables in the Name field refer to the source: <srcbase>, <srcext>, <srctitle>, <srcver>, <srcmyyyymmdd>.
    They obviously correspond to <curbase>, <curext>, <curtitle>, <curver>, and <myyyymmdd>, which will now refer to the current item always (before they referred to the source if there was one).
  • + Copy/Move Here To New Subfolder: Now, you can define a whole new subpath (e.g. download\2008\new) as target. It will be created on the fly (if necessary).
  • + Configuration | Tabs: Added option "Always keep right end of tab bar empty". Ensures, independently of the setting of Max Tab Width, an empty space of 16 pixels at the right end of the tab bar. This space can be dbl-clicked to create a new tab, or right-clicked to pop a list of all tabs.
  • ! Fixed some glitches with iconized tabs.
  • ! Fixed some glitches with box-colored list.