Friday, January 25, 2008

v6.80.0040 - 2008-01-25 11:44

  • +++ Tabs: Now tabs can be iconized! Shrunk to the size of an icon. Mindblowing space saver! Handling is ultra-simple: Find new option "Iconize" in tab's context menu.
  • + Configuration Tabs: Now you can define a maximum tab width. Default is 250 pixels. Set to 0 to have it as it has been all the time before: Tabs use all space available.
  • + Tabs: If you set a maximum tab width you will also get a guaranteed empty space (16 pixels) at the right end of the tab bar. Dbl-clicking this space will now open a new tab (clone of current tab). Right-clicking this space will popup the Tab List (which now has icons!).
  • + Also improved the tabs' background graphics (if you use themes) and insertion point icon (when dragging tabs to new position).
  • + Configuration Interface Colors: Added option "Apply box color to list". When checked, the list background color will adapt to the current tree boxed branch color.
  • + Info Panel Find Files Excluded Folders: Now the "Add Current" button will add the current path (as before), OR (new!) the path of the currently focused list item if different. That way you can quickly exclude folders right from a search results listing.
  • ! Info Panel Find Files Excluded Folders: Did not correctly remember folders with UNICODE characters in the name. Fixed.
  • ! CKS: "Find Files: Excluded Folders..." appeared twice, and "Find Files: Name..." was missing. Fixed.
  • ! Did not handle shortcuts to special system items (e.g. control panel items) correctly. Fixed.