Thursday, April 3, 2008

v7.00.0003 - 2008-04-03 12:03

  • + Now the Catalog supports UNICODE characters. Items with such characters can be added through the context menu and are correctly preserved between sessions. Note that I'm still working on UNICODE for drag'n'drop...
  • + Now the following popup menus can display UNICODE characters:
      - History
      - Hotlist
      - Favorite Folders
      - Favorite Files
    For technical reasons it is impossible to display UNICODE characters in the main menu of the window, but the popup menus (which are also opened from the toolbar) are more important anyway.
  • + History, Favorite Folders, Favorite Files: Now UNICODE characters are correctly preserved between sessions.
  • + Configuration | General | Turn off delete confirmation: Now this setting also controls the behavior when you trigger menu Tools | Empty Recycle Bin.
  • ! In rare constellations there could be a run time error on start up. This should be fixed now once and for all.