Monday, April 7, 2008

v7.00.0010 - 2008-04-07 13:43

  • + Color Filters: Now you can color certain List items _in specific directories_ by stating a pattern that will be matched against the full path of each item.
      If the pattern contains the character "\" then
        it's treated against the full path (relative/portable syntax
        it's treated against the file name (without path)
    - The pattern "?:\*.png" will match only those PNG files that are
      located on XY's home drive.
    - The pattern "C:\Windows\*.dll" will match only those DLL files
      that are located in C:\Windows\.
    - The pattern "C:\Windows\*" will match _all_ items that are
      located in C:\Windows\.
  • + Scripting command enhanced:
      - Open
        Now you can open an item bypassing XY'S PFA, i.e. you can
        force-open it with the Windows associated application.
        Syntax: open item, [with (|w)]
          item: file or folder to open
          with: (empty) = use PFA (portable file associations)
                w = use associated application
  • + Scripting: Script files are now found in the following paths in
    this order:
    In other words, scripts file in one of these paths are can be
    loaded without stating the full path.
    Of course, unless you use startup.ini, <xydata> is identical to
    <xypath>, which is the path of XYplorer.exe.
  • + Scripting | Step Dialog | Buttons' Context Menu: added command "Copy Command (Parsed and Resolved)". Might be helpful when debugging scripts.
  • + CKS | Miscellaneous | File Operations: Added "Open Selected Item(s) with OS Default" [Ctrl+Shift+Enter]. Same as menu File | Open Selected Item(s), but bypassing Portable File Associations (PFA).
  • ! Favorite Folders/Files: Fixed some glitches with the new caption/location syntax.
  • * When Favorite Folders/Files are imported to the Catalog, the Catalog item captions are taken from the Favorite captions.
  • * Portable File Associations (PFA): Now, also # is accepted as wildcard (stands for any numerical/digit).
  • ! Drag'n'drop from outside (other applications) did not work anymore in certain constellations since 3 days ago. Fixed.