Monday, April 21, 2008

v7.00.0045 - 2008-04-21 10:48

NOTE: Before trying this version, keep a backup copy of your current catalog.dat and udc.dat! (You should always have one when using BETA versions.)

  • + POM/PFA: Now you can define captions in PFA. The syntax is identical to captions in Favorites. Simply prefix the caption in quotes (optionally followed by any number of blanks).
    For example:
      |txt;ini;xys>"Edit with Notepad" C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe
      |*>"Edit with UltraEdit" UEdit32
    If a caption is defined for a PFA, then the caption will be shown in the menu instead of the app's friendly name (which is drawn from the registry if the app is registered).
  • ! Data files catalog.dat and udc.dat still had issues with storing UNICODE characters under East-Asian Windows. Should be fixed now.
  • + Menu View: Added command "Refresh Drives". Refreshes the Tree's drives (adding or removing any removable drives if necessary), leaving the rest of the tree untouched (as opposed to Rebuild Tree).
  • * POM: Now, the menu won't show any duplicate entries anymore in the first section. Before, this would happen if more than one of your matching patterns pointed to the same application. This is totally okay, but it's obviously superfluous to list identical enries in the menu.