Wednesday, April 9, 2008

v7.00.0021 - 2008-04-09 15:04

  • +++ Renaming UNICODE file names via edit box (using F2): I finally developed a workable way to rename files containing unicode characters in the name. Sure it's not ideal, but far better than nothing.
    It works quite simple: Before being displayed in the edit box I convert all unicode chars to their numerical equivalents prefixed with * (asterisk). You will see something like this:
    You can now normally edit the name (even the numbers if you know what you are doing) and apply the new name. The escape sequences will be converted back to unicode and displayed in the file list (which does support unicode, of course).
    Works everywhere: Tree, List, Catalog, and all other sorts of listswith a rename functionality.
    Note: This revolutionary *##### scheme will provide easy UNICODE support for scripting (converter commands will be added soon...), and it will allow you to store UNICODE in normal ASCII text files!
  • +++ Rename Special: Works with UNICODE file names now. Sure, you have to adopt the *##### scheme explained here above, but once you get used to it, you can do all the nice Rename Special tricks with your Chinese cooking recipes!
    You also can do what's called a "transliteration" (mapping of charsets), e.g. from Cyrillic to Latin, using the "Search and Replace" type of rename! Here's a hint how:
    Of course, this is only a 1:1 char mapping. Support for 1:many mapping comes tomorrow via scripting.
  • + Rename Special: Added commands
      *.aaa Set extension to lower case.
      *.AAA Set extension to upper case.
  • + Rename Special: The following commands now support UNICODE item names:
      UrlEscape:   convert " " to "%20" etc.
      UrlUnescape: convert "%20" to " " etc.
  • + Color Filters: Now they work with unicode filenames.
  • ! Issue with unicode filenames on Right D&D > Shell context menu. Fixed.