Saturday, April 5, 2008

v7.00.0008 - 2008-04-05 11:37

  • +++ Scripting and Portable File Associations (PFA): Now you can state a one-line script as "application" in the definition of a PFA!
      xys>::load <curitem>
    Now dbl-clicking a *.xys file will actually load that file, and pop up the menu defined by it. Of course, the scripts inside that file should not make reference/action to <curitem>(and similar vars) because this will always be the dbl-clicked script file itself. But "global" scripts, e.g. backup routines, could then started by dbl-clicking a file! Even directly, without first popping a menu, because -- as you will know -- if a script file contains just one script, it is directly executed. So, now have fun writing little "executables"... :)
  • + Preview: Added two OpenOffice formats.
    - *.odt (OASIS OpenDocument Format text document)
    - *.ods (OASIS OpenDocument Format spreadsheet)
    You can preview them if you have the ActiveX control installed, which shows all OpenOffice formats in Internet Explorer 7.
  • + Tweak: Added the possibility to add more file types to the Web & Office preview. Open XYplorer.ini and find the key "OfficePreviewCustomExtensions". The format of the values is "dot-[extension-dot-]extension-dot". So it could look like this, for example:
  • * About dialog: License key is not fully shown anymore.