Thursday, April 24, 2008

v7.00.0050 - 2008-04-24 12:23

  • + Scripting command enhanced:
      - Rename
        Now, you can directly state the item(s) to be renamed in the new
        argument "itemlist".
        Syntax: rename [mode (bat|re|sr|kc|ext)], pattern, [preview (p)],
          itemlist: |-separated list of items (full path) to rename.
                    If empty then current list selections are renamed.
                    The | (pipe) resp. the items may be surrounded by
                    any number of blanks.
        - Rename a specific file to a hardcoded new name, using itemlist
          and the /e switch (for renaming the extension as well):
            ::rename , "africa.png /e", p,
        - Using itemlist you can rename items distributed over completely
          different locations using a shared increment. For what it's
          worth, the following script...
            ::rename , New-<#001>, p,
              "D:\Download\ss024.jpg |
          ... will rename:
            ss024.jpg to New-001.jpg
            xxopöä.tif to New-002.tif