Friday, April 11, 2008

v7.00.0023 - 2008-04-11 14:05

  • + Scripting now supports entering UNICODE characters via the *##### scheme. For example:
      ::msg *31934*27494*38376
  • + Tweak: Added the possibility to return to the old before-UNICODE way of drag'n'drop handling. In some east-Asian DBCS (double-byte character set) systems the old way apparently works better. To return to the old way, simply edit XYplorer.ini and set the key NoUnicodeDrop to 1:
  • ! Autosize columns: Column headers would get cropped in drives listing (MyComputer). Fixed.
  • ! You could create almost completely hidden but functional toolbar button. Fixed.
  • * When setting the Home to a tab, you now get a statusbar message "Home defined.". Before, you'd have to OK a prompt.
  • * Rename Special | Batch Rename: Improved the mechanism of adding user-defined increments while avoiding any collision with existing files. An example will enlighten you more than the previous sentence:
    This pattern will generate filenames that do not collide with any existing file. The full power of this little improvement comes with scripting. E.g., to name items as their containing folder while having full control over the number suffix format and start number, you now can use any of these scripts without fearing collisions:
      ::rename , <curfolder>-<#001>, p;
      ::rename , <curfolder>-<#00001>, p;
      ::rename , <curfolder>-<#23>, p;
  • ! Crash when right-clicking an item inside a hidden system folder (since 1 day). Fixed.
  • + Menu Go: Added "Go to Script Files".