Sunday, April 13, 2008

v7.00.0024 - 2008-04-13 14:34

  • +++ Menu File: Added command "Open with..." (Ctrl+Alt+Enter). Pops up a menu showing all applications associated (Portable File Associations - PFA) with the current (focused+selected) List item. Select one of them to open all selected List item(s) with it. So, now it makes sense to have more than one PFA match the same pattern. As before, the standard "Open" command (Dbl-click/Enter) will only make use of the first matching PFA. However, the new "Open With" popup menu will list *all* matches, in the order given in the PFA customization dialog (menu Tools).
    At the bottom of the menu you find a link to the PFA customization dialog. If no PFAs exist yet for the current item, then this link is the only item in the menu.
    Associated scripts are also supported. Whether they apply to all selected files or only to the focused file depends on the script. It is called only once (not for each selected item).
  • + Configuration | Tabs: Added option "Flexible width for named tabs". Enabling it brings double benefits to your home:
    (1) It will save you valuable screenspace if you choose short
        names for your named tabs because tabs will only be as wide
        as necessary to show the full caption;
    (2) At the same time, it will guarantee that your named tabs are
        never cropped if space gets scarce.
  • ! Toolbar: Clicking on Favorite Files button crashed when no Favorite Files were defined. Fixed.