Tuesday, April 8, 2008

v7.00.0020 - 2008-04-08 21:21

  • + Toolbar: Added button "MyComputer", which pops up a menu giving you quick access to the MyComputer top node and all its immediate child nodes (Desktop, Personal, all drives, and Nethood). Consequently, the "Drives" button that had been altered some days ago as to include the MyComputer pointer, has been reverted to its original state (showing only the drives).
  • * Scripting: Changed the order of default paths where script files are looked for to this:
    So, a script file given with no path or a relative path, will be opened in path <xydata>\Scripts first, and only if not found there in <xydata>.
    Also, menu Scripting | Load Script File... will now by default open in <xydata>\Scripts if that folder exists (else in appdata). And, well, I'm pretty sure it does exist because from now on the app takes care about that.

    Hereby it is *officially recommended* that you place your script files in <xydata>\Scripts or subfolders of it. At the same time is should be stressed that script files can be executed from any other location as well without problems. It's just a bit less comfy.
  • + Scripting command enhanced:
      - OpenWith
        Before, it only worked on the currently selected List item(s).
        Now you can open a specific file, independent of the current
        Syntax: openwith [application], [mode (s|m)], [item]
          application: application to open item(s) with
          mode:        s = single instance [default]
                       m = multi instance
          item:        specific item to open (overriding any List
          ::openwith UEdit32, , "<xypath>\History.txt"
  • ! File Rename: The mechanism to auto-avoid collisions by suffixing serial numbers could be fooled when a file would be renamed to the same name but with different capitalization. Fixed.
  • ! Tabs: Fixed the mysterious green flash bug.