Thursday, April 17, 2008

v7.00.0040 - 2008-04-17 14:32

  • *** From now on, the main XYplorer configuration files (*.ini) are in UNICODE format: UTF-16-LE (Little Endian)!
    - No more clumsy conversion of UNICODE chars to UTF-8.
    - Full global charset compatibility.
    - You actually see your Japanese signs right in the INI, and read and write them if you can.
    - Improved startup and shutdown speed.
  • ! Fixed a number of left over UNICODE glitches concerning file I/O. E.g., you now can load and use INI files having UNICODE characters in the name.
  • + Portable Openwith Menu: Now, you can define associations that should only be listed in the POM, but not be triggered on "open". It's done by simply prefixing the | (pipe) character to the PFA. For example, this allows you to have this PFA enabled and listed in the POM:
      |exe;dll>::copytext <curname> <curver>
    while double-clicking an EXE file will still run the EXE, and *not* the PFA.
    In the PFA dialog, prefixed (= POM-only) items are shown in color "Marked Text 2" (see Configuration | Interface Colors).
  • + Portable Openwith Menu: Now, folders are supported as well. The pattern that will match any folder is "\". For example, the following PFA will add a command to the POM that will open the selected folder(s) in ACDSee32:
    Note that folders have no customizable default for "open" (action triggered by pressing Enter or Double-Click): they always open in XY. Hence you do not have to (but can) prefix | to exclude them from "open" (as described in previous section).