Tuesday, June 2, 2009

v7.90.0403 - 2009-06-02 15:32

  • + DP: Now the second pane can be the only pane. And now, if you turn off DP, the currently active pane will become the only pane (before, always the first pane was auto-activated).
  • + Menu Window: Added command "Toggle Active Pane" (Ctrl+Alt+F10). Together with the enhancement described here above, this offers a very nice option even for single paners: You can easily switch back and forth between two completely independent sets of tabs!
  • + Toolbar: Added button "Toggle Active Pane". It not only toggles the active pane, but also shows which pane is currently active -- even if only one pane is visible.
  • + Additional means to mark the active pane: shading the background of the inactive pane. Not yet configurable via UI, but tweakable:
      ClrInactivePane=15266548 (decimal of 0xE8F2F4; 0xBBGGRR)
  • ! DP: Fixed a glitch with splitter positioning.
  • % Due to faster icon retrieval the Catalog and some other lists paint faster.
  • * Network browsing: Experimentally removed server comments polling.