Monday, June 8, 2009

v7.90.0413 - 2009-06-08 15:53

  • + Tree: Alt+Click will open the folder in the inactive pane. Shift+Alt+Click will open it in a new tab in the inactive pane.
  • + List: Now you can open a folder in a new tab by MiddleClicking it; equivalent to Shift+DblClick.
  • + List: Now in Thumbnails views, when you change the width of the list (and thereby the number of thumbnails per row), the list will attempt to keep the top-left thumbnail fixed in the top row. Before the currently visible thumbnails would have moved out of sight.
  • + Now shared drives also show the "shared" icon overlays (in XP a "hand") that are already shown with shared folders (unless you apply the NoSharedFolderOverlays=1 tweak).
  • * History: Took back the changes from v7.90.0410 - 2009-06-05 17:28. Too much useful information was lost by discarding the future.
  • * Network: New way to retrieve the display name for servers might solve an issue on certains systems.
  • ! Rename Special did not set the Name column to "dirty" state (which will trigger a resort instead of a reverse sort on next sort).
  • ! Improved auto-refresh of tree.
  • ! Statusbar did not refresh correctly on pane swap.