Thursday, June 18, 2009

v8.00.0001 - 2009-06-18 14:30

  • +++ The Shell provides a way to obtain preview images (aka thumbnails) for any file which has a Shell extension that supports this: typically images, videos, web and Office documents, and folders. Windows Explorer's thumbnails are created using this way. Now XYplorer learned to do it, too, which means you will get
    thumbnails and a preview (Info Panel) for PDF, HTML, various Office and video formats, and, of course, all sorts of image formats (many of which are already done by XY's internal thumbnails/preview, of course).

    - The Shell's thumbnail extraction from PDF, HTML, Office, and
      videos is usually quite slow since a LOT of work is being done
      here. Tip: Caching the thumbs is a good idea...
    - The Shell can even extract thumbnails from online content in URL
      and MHT files. However this is (or can be) so slow that I hard-
      coded it away for the time being.
    - Because of the slowness the whole new thing is optional. See
      next paragraphs for how to turn it on.
    - Before you ask: I will later probably adopt the Explorer way of
      processing thumbnails only on demand (when they are shown in the
  • + Configuration | Thumbnails: Added option "Create shell supported thumbnails as well (quite slow)" (see above).
  • + Configuration | Previewed Formats: Added option "Automatically show non-previewed file types using the shell" (see above). For example, if you want to use the Shell preview for PDFs instead of Internet Explorer/ActiveX:
    (1) Uncheck *.pdf in the "Web & Office" list in Previewed Formats.
    (2) Check "Automatically show non-previewed file types using the shell".
  • + Toolbar: Added context menus to "Favorite Folders" and "Favorite Files" buttons.
  • + Menu View | Tree Style: Added new style setting "Apply Highlighting". Turn it ON to apply Highlights and Box Colors. The factory default is ON. I added this option because I sometimes don't want to see all those colors (but keep the definitions).
  • * Menu View | Refresh Tree: Now, when in Mini Tree mode, Refresh Tree (F4) will not show all existing childs of the expanded branches anymore. Instead, it will just take care that all available drives are shown and it removes all non-existing childs.
  • ! Tree: Alt+Click would keep the clicked node as selection although it refers to the inactive pane. Stupid bug. Fixed.
  • ! SC continue: Would raise error when used outside of any loop. Fixed.