Thursday, June 25, 2009

v8.00.0008 - 2009-06-25 11:50

  • * Configuration | Thumbnails: Renamed
      - S&uper-fast thumbnail creation (at slightly lesser quality)
        -> S&uper-fast thumbnails
      - Create &shell supported thumbnails as well
        -> Show thumbnails for &non-picture files
  • * Menu Go | History...: This and similar List-dialogs now got a little "Tips..." button which replaces the tooltip which was just hanging around stupidly.
  • * Going back and forward in history now will skip non-existing or non-available paths.
  • ! Fixed a refresh issue in Tree after deleting a folder.
  • ! A locked Tree was completely reset and jumped to MyComputer under certain conditions. Fixed.
  • - Removed the following feature from v5.00.0067 (2006-07-27 13:00). It's counter-intuitive and has been kind of obsolete anyway since we have Default Tabs:
      Tabs: added another anti-tab-proliferation (aka tab gun)
      measurement. If the current tab is locked and no other tab with
      exactly the targeted destination location exists, now XY looks
      for a home zoned tab where this destination would fit. Only if
      this ain't found either, a new tab is auto-opened. Looking for
      tabs is always left to right.