Saturday, June 6, 2009

v7.90.0412 - 2009-06-06 20:31

  • + CKS | Miscellaneous | List: Added command "Go to Other Location". Goes to the inactive pane's location.
  • + CKS | Miscellaneous | List: Added command "Copy List Settings from Other Pane". Copies the inactive pane's list settings to the current list, incl. column order, width, and visibility, sort order, list style, date and size formats, and view. If necessary thumbnails are created.
    The function also works when the other pane is hidden, which means that you can (ab)use the other pane as a backup store for list settings.
    Of course, this function is only applicable when both lists have
    the same mode (Browse, Find, Drives, Network).
  • ! Fixed various refresh issues conc. the inactive pane.
  • ! Fixed a refresh problem in MiniTree when unpacking an archive created folders.
  • ! File Info Tips did not reset as expected. Fixed.
  • ! List: The column headers text color was not theme aware. Fixed.
  • ! Creating thumbnails would not stop after change of list view since a couple of versions ago. Fixed.
  • ! Refreshing the inactive pane applied Visual Filters of the active pane. Fixed.
  • ! Toggling generic/specific icons in Configuration | Advanced would not reset special folder icons (My Pictures, etc.) to specific. Fixed.
  • ! Mini Tree would not show specific special folder icons (My Pictures, etc.). Fixed.