Saturday, June 20, 2009

v8.00.0002 - 2009-06-20 14:25

  • *** Thumbnails: Completely rewrote thumbnails handling. No more "creating thumb..." in the statusbar, no more waiting for it to finish. Now thumbnails are created on the fly in the moment they are to be shown. This means, with thumbnails caching off, much faster opening of folders with many images (and other thumbable items). Of course, with thumbnails caching on, everything has
    always been very fast and now it's even a bit faster. There's a price to this (only with thumbnails caching off): Scrolling thru long lists of thumbable items will be somewhat unsmooth because of the thumbnail creation.
  • * Thumbnails: Now the disk cache fully supports Unicode. Before, thumbnails of files with Unicode names or within Unicode paths were not cached correctly to disk and had to be created afresh on each show.
  • + Overlong filenames: Now you can browse and search folders with overlong names.
  • + Overlong filenames: Now you can drag'n'drop overlong files, and cut/copy/paste them via clipboard. Note that currently the move/copy/delete support for overlong filenames is limited to operations on single items.
  • + Overlong filenames: Now you can create new folders within folders with overlong names.
  • * Since v4.50.0015 (2006-02-26 12:40) only up to 256 individual selections were retained between tab switches. This limit is now lifted: any number of individual selections are retained.
  • ! Scripting: A stepped script would raise an error and terminate when you unset the only used variable. Fixed.
  • ! Scripting: Initial empty lines in a HereDoc block did not survive. Fixed.