Monday, June 29, 2009

v8.00.0017 - 2009-06-29 21:15

  • + Tweak: This can be used either to get mouse buttons 4 & 5 working (set it to 1 = factory default), or -- if you don't have those buttons (or if they work without the extra support!) -- to turn the support off (set it to 0), save some CPU cycles, a bit of memory, and the atmosphere.
  • ! Configuration | Tags: You could spoil your database by creating Tags with characters ';' or '' in the name. This is prevented now. You get a message "Characters ';' and '' are not allowed in tag names." when you try.
  • ! Mouse Down Blow Up: Images were panned that needed no panning because they were exactly the size of the screen. Fixed.
  • ! The "XY TRIAL VERSION" label printed on preview images in trial mode was moving far too many pixels through memory. Fixed.