Monday, June 29, 2009

v8.00.0016 - 2009-06-29 10:33

  • + Configuration | Preview | Mouse Down Blow Up: Added option "Full screen". If checked then the blow up will use the full screen (if necessary), not only XYplorer's main window. The option "Shrink to fit window" will then apply to the screen, of course, i.e. it will work as "Shrink to fit screen". Note that these settings apply to MDBU on thumbnails as well as to MDBU on the image preview on Info Panel | Preview.
  • * Reworked the panning alogrithm for blow ups that need to be panned (because they don't fit completely into the view port).
  • * Configuration | Preview: Renamed
    S&hrink larger originals to fit window -> S&hrink to fit window
  • * Dialog "Stepping through a Script": Increased width to 600 pixels.
  • * Dialog "Stepping through a Script": Script lines larger than 1024 characters are now displayed only partly because larger strings slow down the list a bit.
  • ! Window title was not correctly updated when going from Search Results to normal browsing via Refresh File List (F5). Fixed.