Monday, June 22, 2009

v8.00.0003 - 2009-06-22 15:42

Publication of this update was unfortunately delayed due to complex editing required, and workload of your blog author.

  • +++ Jump To Item: Type ">" plus the beginning of an item into the Address Bar and press Enter, and the focus will jump to it in the List. It's like Type-Ahead Find but done through the Address Bar or whatever location port (Catalog, Favorites, Go To, Scripts, etc.).
    For example:
      >xy = jump to the next item (from current position in list!)
            beginning with "xy"
    Note that, just like Type-ahead find, Jump To Item will use the sorted column (if it is Name, Ext, Type, or Path), when "Type-ahead find uses sorted column" in Configuration General is checked.
  • * Spot: The Jump To Item syntax (see above) was previously used for the "Spot" functionality. The latter is still available but the syntax has been slightly changed: Jump To Item will only happen when the pattern contains no "", which separates multiple strings in a Spot pattern. So to trigger the Spot functionality *with a single string* you have to simply append an "" to the string. Examples:
      >xy   = jump to the next "xy" item
      >xy   = highlight all "xy" sequences in the list
      >xyab = highlight all "xy" and "ab" sequences in the list
  • + Full Screen Preview: Now it works for PDFs, DOCs, and some video formats (MPG, AVI, WMV), using the Shell-made preview images. Note that the shown size is not the "original size" but usually smaller. This is because the shell image extraction seems to have an upper size limit beyond which it simply fails to work (at least under XP).
    Tip: If you rather want to see the raw bytes use Ctrl+Shift+Q (Quick File View).
  • + Overlong filenames: Now calculating folder size works for folders with overlong filenames.
  • + Overlong filenames: Now autp-refresh works for folders with overlong filenames.
  • * Menu View | Caches | Refresh Thumbs Cache: This command is now always enabled (in thumbnails views) to allow refreshing the thumbnails currently cached in memory. Before, it was only enabled when disk caching thumbnails was enabled.
  • * Configuration | Thumbnails: Now, when you toggle "Cache thumbnails [to disk]" the list is not reloaded anymore. It's simply not necessary. All thumbnails currently in memory are kept alive and the visible part of the list will not change. To refresh the visible thumbnails (and the disk cache if disk caching is on) select menu View | Caches | Refresh Thumbs Cache.
  • * Menu View | Caches: Renamed menu items
      Refresh Th&umbs Cache -> Refresh &Thumbnails
      Refresh &List Icons Cache -> Refresh &List Icons
      Refresh &Catalog Icons Cache -> Refresh &Catalog Icons
      Refresh &Environment Cache -> Refresh &Environment Variables
  • * Configuration Thumbnails: Renamed
      &Cache thumbnails in this folder -> &Cache thumbnails on disk
  • * Menu View | Caches | Refresh Thumbnails: Now it's done much smarter, without rebrowsing the folder, and keeping scroll position and selections.
  • + List: Type-Ahead Find (aka Find-As-You-Type) now delays the actual find while the list is still loading, and jumps to the matching item once the load is complete. This means you can happily type in your pattern while the desired item is not yet contained in the list and it still will be found. Of course, you'll notice any difference to before only in extremely huge lists.
  • + Toolbar buttons "Views", "Toggle Details/List View", "Toggle Details/Thumbnails #1 View" Context Menu: Added two useful items:
      - Cache Thumbnails on Disk: Identical to the option in
        Configuration | Thumbnails. As a toggle (checkmarked) it
        quickly shows you whether disk caching is on or off.
      - Refresh Thumbnails: Identical to Menu View | Caches | Refresh
  • % Thumbnails: Smoother scrolling for non-cached lists.
  • ! Thumbnails: Disk cache was not written when thumbnails view (Thumbnails #1, #2, #3) was switched. Fixed.
  • ! Dual Pane: Toolbar button "Folder View Settings" was not correctly updated on pane switch. Fixed.
  • ! History: The wrong tab was selected after opening a new tab and closing it again and with "Cycle tabs in recently used order" enabled. Fixed
  • ! History: With "History per tab" enabled, on tab change the new location was added to the history, which should not happen, of course. Fixed.
  • ! History: After removing a tab, its history remained in memory. Not necessarily a bug, and could be even useful, but it was confusing users so I removed it.
  • ! Mini Tree: There was too much refreshing going on in various situations making the Mini Tree larger than expected. Fixed.