Thursday, June 25, 2009

v8.00.0009 - 2009-06-25 23:10

  • + Thumbnails and Preview (Shell-made): Now also the following file types are supported: MHT, URL, NWS, EML, MSG.
  • + The Full Screen Preview (F11) now works for HTML, MHT, URL, NWS, EML, and MSG files in perfect original size quality. Even more file types might work depending on your system.
  • + Tweak to exclude certain file types (identified by extension) from the shell-made preview and thumbnails.
    This would exclude MHT and URL files:
  • * Info Panel: Now the max size of the IP is calculated more smartly and takes into account whether it's DP or SP mode, horizontal or vertical DP, and how the top bars are layouted. IOW, there's a good change that your IP can be larger again.
  • % Info Panel | Preview: Now the quality of Shell-made previews is much better, and you can zoom them by enlarging the Info Panel. Also the Mouse Down Blow Up is much larger now.
  • ! A blocked list was not refreshed when the unavailable path got available again. Fixed.