Wednesday, June 3, 2009

v7.90.0406 - 2009-06-03 15:30

  • + Configuration dialog: Added new section "Dual Pane" and a few options that you might find useful.
  • + Configuration | Interface Colors: Added a field to configure the inactive pane background color.
  • + Main Menu: Added top menu "Dual Pane", and moved to it all DP commands from menu Window. You know, there's nothing like perfect categorization in this part of the universe, and this way it's utmost easy and noob-friendly. Note: You have to reassign your keyboard shortcuts for these commands! If you think all this just spoils your menu bar because you never use DP anyway: Soon I will add a way to configure which menus and menu items are shown at all -- back to simplicity...!
  • * TitlebarTemplate: Added new field which is set to "[WOW64]" in 64-bit systems when WOW64-Redirection is enabled.
  • ! DP glitch fixes:
      - Lock Tree was not honoured on pane switch.
      - Mouse wheel did not work on pane 2 if it was the only pane.
      - Wrong startpath when closing on a path that was not contained in
        a locked tree.
      - Font size changes would not affect the inactive pane.
  • ! Fixed a glitch with wrong tab icons and a locked tree.
  • ! When maximizing XYplorer by double-clicking the window title bar and a toolbar button landed under the cursor it got pushed. Fixed.