Friday, June 5, 2009

v7.90.0410 - 2009-06-05 17:28

  • + Menu Panes: Now you can assign KSs to "Move/Copy to Other Pane".
  • * Configuration | Startup & Exit: Now, when you opt to "Keep pane data private", your are prompted (after OK-ing the Configuration dialog) "Do you want to copy the current shared data to the private data store now?". This way you can take the current tabs and history along; otherwise, on next restart, you would experience either a fresh start (default tabs, no history) or, if this INI had private data anytime before, you would start with these old data, of course.
  • ! History: With "History without duplicates" ON, the strategy when going to a new place while being somewhere in the middle of history (= in the past) was to *somehow* preserve the old future (by shifting blocks of history to new positions) -- the results were not satisfying. Now, the future is simply purged -- the common practice in history management.
  • ! Improved auto-refreshing the inactive pane.
  • ! Views menu could be out of sync. Fixed.